Custom Tuning Results! horsepower + Fuel economy!

John Deere 9560R

 9560R running 3 gears up & 400 RPM's less! Customer was able to utilize the gear up, idle back solution after we had tuned this machine to save fuel!
Stock: 31-32 gph, 2150 RPM at 100% engine load
Tuned: 26-27 gph, 1750 RPM at 80% engine load!
Customer was very impressed with the results & has decided he wants all of his machines tuned!! 

Claas Lexion 740

 Claas Lexion 740 enjoying 50 extra HP!

Customer from Hope, ND reports 0.5-1 mph increase! No more power loss while unloading on the go. On top of that he’s saving fuel.

This customer went for our “try before you buy” and did not even need his second test day to decide he wanted to keep the tune.  

John Deere 8335R

 John Deere 8335R running our fully customized 50HP increase file built in-house! Our files are customized and installed by FARMERS!

-15 GPH fuel consumption
-2,000 RPM's
-6 MPH
-100% engine load

-12 GPH fuel consumption
-1,800 RPM's
-6 MPH
-75% engine load

This tractor is now running 20% more fuel efficient! This machine is also working less (25% less)!  

Kenworth T800 C15 Accert

 Kenworth T800 with a c15 accert tuned with our customized software!

Running stock- 4.5-4.8 mpg

After the tune the customer had mentioned that he has been running around 5.5 mpg!

Customer had also mentioned he had better pulling power when it came to the hills! Again, more power less fuel!!  

John Deere S680

 John Deere S680!

We have been seeing a solid 20-25% fuel economy boost on these machines. This combine is running in 250 bu corn at 18% moisture. Before the tune he was seeing 5.5 mph at 110% engine load. After the tune he pushed the machine to see what we gave it and couldn't push it over 100% engine load even going speeds up to 8 mph. Customer is glad to be able to see the speeds he needs, as well as keeping his machine at peak thrashing efficiency!

S690 too expensive? It's the same machine as a S680, other than horsepower . We can get your S680 to S690 Specs!! 

Apache AS1020 Sprayer

 AS1020 Apache sprayer. This machine stock, fully loaded with product, was taking steep inclines at 9 mph while having to shift down. After our fully customized tune this 1020 will now outperform it's bigger brother (1220). This machine was taking the same inclines fully loaded after the tune at 13-15 mph!! Note: this AS1020 is 215HP and specs out like it's bigger brother, the AS1220. With over 60-70 HP increase on this 1020 within safe reason, customer is able to keep his ground speed and limit the shifting counts per pass with more low/high end torque!! Very happy customer with great results!