add Hp. subtract fuel.
multiply productivity.


Custom ECU Tuning

Increase Horsepower, Fuel Economy, Productivity, and Lower Operating Temperatures!

Chips leave you with questionable results, our ECU Files are custom written for your exact needs and are specific to your machine! 

What if i'm not local?

Available for Agriculture, Trucking, and Construction Equipment.

Common sense tuning for longevity and satisfaction.

Save thousands by having the option to buy a smaller machine and tune it to the HP level you need. 

What can we tune?

Why Choose us?

We provide horsepower at levels that are tested and proven for continued machine reliability.

A money back guarantee is provided with each of our tunes!

Kyle Amb, Owner, works in Ag, construction, and trucking. Our family's equipment runs the same tuning files that we sell.

How does tuning work?